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Learner Drivers Liverpool to help Save Lives

Learner Drivers Liverpool to help Save Lives


Learner drivers Liverpool applying online for a driving licence will now be required to answer a question regarding organ donation.

Officials are aiming to double the number of donors on the NHS register, which currently stands at just 29% of the population.

Under the DVLA’s current system, applicants can ignore a question on donation when applying for a driving licence.

But in future learner drivers will have to state if they want to sign up immediately or decide at a later date.

The NHS says 90% of people are interested in giving organs in the event of their death but few take the opportunity to do so.

Around 8,000 people in the UK are currently waiting for a transplant.

Public health minister Anne Milton said: “Being an organ donor is a truly selfless act and a life saving gift to someone in need.

“We want to make it easier for people to sign up to the Organ Donor Register when they apply for their driving licence and encourage everyone to discuss their organ donation wishes with their loved ones.”

Chris Rudge, NHS transplantation clinical director, told Sky News: “There’s no compulsion about the answer. It’s ‘yes, I’d like to put my name on the organ donor register or not today thank you or I’m already on it’.

“By being required to provide at least an answer I hope this will encourage people to actually do what they know they’ve been meaning to do but just haven’t got round to doing.”

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